Olivia Palermo is a B*tch


and I love her for it.

If any of you have watched The City, then you know that Olivia Palermo is the registered villain, while Whitney Port plays the innocent good girl. This MTV spin off of The Hills is about Whitney Port’s big career move to NYC; It follows her first year working in PR at DVF with infamous Olivia. Every show needs a villain and MTV was more than willing to edit it to make sure that Olivia was the mean girl in the work place. When I watched this originally in 2008 I was totally Team Whitney, but now that I’m older (and have watched the series again) I have switched sides to Team Olivia.

Olivia, rumored real life inspiration for Blair Waldorf, showed naive Whitney the ropes by introducing Whit to her Upper East Side socialite friends. Whitney, influenced by her grungy downtown boyfriend, came in completely biased against Olivia’s uptown friends and ended up ruining her chances of making potential connections.

Girl, you’re working in fashion in NYC, you need those.

Watching Whitney’s interactions with Olivia in the workplace were equally painful to watch. Whitney brought her entire personal life (and drama) into the office daily. Although the majority of Olivia’s advice came off bitchy, it’s surprisingly good advice.

For example, when Whitney decided to make the jump from her friend’s couch to her own apartment, Olivia offered to help her search for an apartment in a good neighborhood. Whitney responded to Olivia claiming that her boyfriend, Jay, will probably help her search for an apartment. Thus came Olivia’s first hunk of golden advice, “Honestly, you have to be independent.” This line is probably one of my favorites; it can be so difficult for me to watch young women who let the men in their life do everything for them. Girl, this is gonna be your first apartment in NYC, do you really want to let your (new) boyfriend pick it out for you? Whitney ended up going against Olivia’s advice and took the first apartment that her boyfriend picked out for her.

Olivia, however, wasn’t always quite so sweet when giving advice; after listening to Whitney discuss the insane amount of drama in her life (i.e. getting in the middle of a cheating fight between her model friend, Ali, and Ali’s model boyfriend/Jay’s best friend, Adam, Olivia gave Whitney some tough love, “You’re twenty-three years old, you’re not in high school.” What I found funny about this was one is that I took this piece of advice to heart. Sometimes, without even thinking it through first, I subconsciously put myself in the middle of drama; hearing this finally made me realize that I, also, am not in high school anymore and don’t need to mediate anyone else’s fight.

Another one of Olivia’s strengths is never bringing her own beef with a coworker into the workplace. When Whitney had a bone to pick with Olivia, she brought it up while they were working. Olivia responded with, “This is nor the time, nor place to be discussing this.” Handled with class.

Whether you like her or not, Olivia Palermo is a force to be reckoned with.

Do you love her or hate her? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

This is purely based on The City: Season 1, Season 2 is a completely different story.

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