Happy Memorial Day!

A big thank you to all of our troops who have served and who are serving currently.

Now here is a picture of a puppy and an American Flag.

[via Myspace, apparently]

You’re welcome.


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Hobbies. No, not hobbits, HOBBIES. One little seven letter word that people can use to describe you in a nutshell. And one word that has caused me quite some stress this past year. For fifteen years of my life I was constantly involved in a sport. Swimming was my main sport, but in 8th grade I made the switch to water polo, which I played competitively year round for six years. After my senior year I was completely burned out on water polo. I couldn’t be convinced to play a water polo game if you paid me. However, I still wanted to be involved in some sort of sport, so I decided to flip back to swim and join the team at Pepperdine University.

While I used to be a dedicated water polo player, swimming isn’t exactly the most exciting sport (no matter how thrilling Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte make it look). So, I tended to be the swimmer that’s diving down to the bottom of the pool or hiding under lane lines to avoid swim sets (exactly the type of swimmer that is my least favorite to coach, jk I love all my swim kids, obviously).

So when all of my friends went to study abroad their sophomore year, I quickly started to doubt my freshman year decision to skip the study abroad program and stay on the swim team. After a month of discussing this dilemma with my swim coach, my parents, and basically anyone who would listen, I made the decision to quit swim and study abroad in Germany for my second semester of sophomore year.

But now that I quit swim, what describes me? What is my hobby now? I mean, saying, “Hi, my name is Jordan and I like the internet,” isn’t exactly what I would call friend-winning material. So after a year of figuring out what the hell I actually like in life, I realized that I love cooking and baking. Trying out recipes is one of my favorite things to do. It’s always interesting to find out how the food I make turns out, especially because 98% of the time I make accidental substitutions.

So, when I got extremely bored on Saturday, I hit up Pinterest in hopes of finding a yummy new recipe to try. Luckily, I found TWO recipes I was willing to try.

First up were these quinoa burgers from Eating Well, Living Thin!


[These babies smelled so good cooking]


[The recipe made so many!]Image

 [The finished product topped with an avocado and served with a side salad]
Image[I made this yummy fruit pizza from Undressed Skeleton for dessert]Image
[These juicy strawberries were my favorite part of the dessert]Image[Instead of our normal Sunday morning walk and brunch, my mom and I paid a visit to our local Farmer’s Market where we picked up these sweet cherries]

Little Celebrations



That Tall Girl in Heels officially had 100 views today!

While this might be a small feat for some of you more experienced bloggers, I am stoked that I was able to get this many views when I had yet to post anything today!

So, time for a glass of celebration bubbly, right?



[Naturally I think I need this installed in my room]

Thanks to everyone who has commented or checked my blog out!









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Sunday Funday

Last Sunday (Mother’s Day) sparked an idea. My mom and I set a goal for ourselves: go take a walk or hike a trail every Sunday and after our walk/hike we will go try a new breakfast place. (We both love breakfast). So, today was our first official Sunday Funday.

My mom picked Folsom Lake as our walk location and Early Toast as our breakfast location. (We noticed Early Toast on our Mother’s Day walk when it was packed with customers. Kind of an unusual thing to see in our small town.)


[It’s not hard to figure out that Folsom is a grassy area]Image

[Meet the rolling hills of Northern California]Image

[This area used to be almost completely inhabited by Mormons]Image

[This area is one of the first major gold strikes in California]Image

[Love the dark blue color of Folsom Lake]Image

[Breakfast time!]Image

[Yum! My egg skillet with ground turkey, spinach, zucchini and other veggies!]








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Weekly Wrapup

happy fridayHoly Guacamole. What a week.

I’m sure it’s fairly obvious that I’m new to blogging. I have always followed blogs in my free time but I never really thought of blogging myself. Then one day it dawned on me, since I love reading blogs so much why don’t I actually try starting one.

Slowly, but surely I started thinking of things I might actually want to blog about… but there were so many things I love about blogs: the fashion, the recipes, even the personal posts. Therefore, That Tall Girl In Heels became a lifestyle blog.

Then I ran into a new problem, there was so much I needed to learn. For one thing, I wanted to make sure that I was going to use  my own photos, and I wanted them to be good photos. So I started to teach myself photography. Then came the picture editing. (I edited my picture of the heels in my header photo — and it took me HOURS).  AND THEN came the graphics and learning to write code. This is where I really hit my wall. Every second of my spare time I was reading tutorials, watching youtube videos, and even scouring yahoo answers for the answers to my own questions. (I think once I typed in “HOW THE F*CK DO YOU RESIZE AN IMAGE ON PIXLR… hey it gave me the answer I was looking for in the long run.)

The more hours I spent searching for tutorials and answers, the more I began to feel inadequate. I started to think that maybe I should just give up on my blogging dream. After a couple hours of frustration, I decided to take a break from straining my eyes to glare at my computer screen and paid a visit to the hot yoga place near my house. After an hour and a half in 105 degree heat with 50% humidity, I cleared my head and realized I should take my own advice, the advice I give to the eight-year-old swimmers that I coach. “Practice makes perfect.” I can’t expect myself to be able to take perfect photos, make incredible graphics, and design my own blog theme right off the bat. I need to start simple. So, I designed my header and even designed a couple of other simple graphics. Although these graphics are easy to do, it gives me a peace of mind that I was able to do them on my own, and that I didn’t just download them from Google images. I have faith that I will grow, learn and improve alongside my blog. For now, “It’s the freakin’ weekend baby I’m ’bout to have me some fun.”

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Hey Mama

Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day to the most influential, important, and inspirational person in my life, my momma.

It has been an amazing twenty years and I’m so glad that I can call you Mom.

Thank you for all those times you listened to tear-filled phone calls,  gave me advice, and even better gave me hugs.

 Most importantly, thank you for all of your love.

For me, this Mother’s Day was the best yet.

I started off my day baking these delicious strawberry cupcakes topped with a strawberry buttercream frosting.

strawberry cupcakes[I’m lucky these cupcakes turned out as well as they did because I forgot to read the instructions… oops]

strawberry cupcake[Mikey’s in my Kitchen was spot on when she described this buttercream frosting as tasting like strawberry ice cream]

pink tulips[These pink tulips I got for my mom went perfectly with the strawberry cupcakes]

After my bake session in the kitchen, my mom and I headed over to some trails in Folsom for a walk.

Humbug Creek Trail[Humbug Creek Trail is a grassy trail near Folsom Lake]

rolling hills[This golden hill perfectly represents the area I call home]

purple flowers[These pretty purple flowers popped up alongside the trails]

golden grass and purple flowers[Loved these flowers that stood above the tall grass]

After our walk, we drew home decorating inspiration from some model homes, ate a delicious eggs benedict brunch (my dad’s special), and then shopped the rest of the day, finishing the day with a tri-tip barbeque.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommas out there!

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