Weekend Playlist

weekend playlist

“I make the soundtrack to my life.” One of my closest friends plays music wherever she goes. I’m not kidding, we would be walking on the streets in Heidelberg and that girl would whip her iPhone out and play Taylor Swift at full volume. She didn’t give a rat’s ass if some was judging her. She wanted to make sure that wherever she went she would be listening to music.

I’m very similar to her in that way. I love music and play it almost everywhere I go. While I might not have the guts to use my iPhone as a boombox when I’m walking around, I definitely love to create or listen to playlists that give me my own soundtrack.

But man, it can be difficult for me to make my own playlists sometimes. I usually just tend to scrounge up good playlists on 8tracks because it’s so much easier. However, when it comes to summer, well that’s one soundtrack I can’t give up to someone else’s musical tastes.

So, I created this playlist on Spotify for everything from lounging at the beach, sipping lemonade on front porches, or even driving with the windows down on a hot summer day.

Check it out and let me know in the comments what your favorite summer songs are!


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Confessional Friday Link Up

I can’t say this enough, but THANK GOD it’s Friday. And in honor of this glorious Friday, it’s time for some confessions. This week’s topic (from Leslie over at A Blonde Ambition) is random facts about me.

1. I have a terrible fear of heights, but I was able to tackle my this fear when I went ziplining in the fall!

577275_10151186558254658_1444505504_n 525_10151186558929658_1447171196_n 398311_10151186557779658_1951447489_n

[So terrifying, but so worth it in the end!]

2. I have two older brothers which has made me stubborn as hell, but way more balanced as a person.


[They also taught me a thing or two about developing fast reflexes]

3. I’m secretly a history nerd. My dad’s favorite channel is the History Channel and my oldest brother is a history teacher; so when I lived in Germany for three months, I was loving all the World War II facts and passed everything I learned along to my brother and dad.

4. Oddly enough, my favorite animal is the shark, but sharks are also one of my biggest fears.

5. I’m a spazz when it comes to my iPhone. I’ve cracked the screen on it twice. The second time I cracked it was literally three weeks after I got my screen fixed. Now I have a bulky otterbox to keep my phone nice and safe.


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Confessional Friday: Link Up

confessional friday

After seeing Leslie’s post about the Confessional Friday Link up, I knew I wanted to participate. I mean, what’s better to write about than your deepest, darkest confessions? With that said, I will definitely only be telling you guys my guilty pleasure confessions.

I confess…

…sometimes I’ll spend an hour browsing through gifs on What Should We Call Me and send my favorites to my friends.

…I have the worst tan lines on my feet from my Sperrys.

…even though I tell myself I don’t care about celebrities’ lives, I have spent way too much time reading through Amanda Bynes’ tweets.

…I still haven’t gotten my dad anything for Father’s Day yet. Procrastination at it’s finest.

…I haven’t worn makeup in a week. This is one of the reasons I love summer so much!

…I’m currently working my way through watching the entirety of Friday Night Lights. So good!

…I am so glad it’s the weekend!


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I’d like to thank the academy…

As I sat scrolling through my bloglovin’ feed, I noticed that one of my favorite bloggers (and tweeters) Rachael from Lobster Lovefest nominated me for a Liebster Award!


Here’s how the Liebster Award works: Acknowledge the blog that nominated you
Tell 11 facts about yourself
Answer the 11 questions the nominating blogger created
List 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers that deserve some recognition
Post 11 questions for them to answer
Notify them that they’ve been nominated
You can’t nominate the blog that nominated you
11 Things About Me
  1. I’m obsessed with Boo the Dog; I have the stuffed animal, the book, and the phone case. He’s just so dang cute!!
  2. I’m currently in the middle of a two week long Friday Night Lights marathon.
  3. I go through Tumblr and Pinterest phases. I’m currently in a Pinterest phase.
  4. I have an unhealthy obsession with Refinery 29. Seriously, I follow every one of their social media outlets.
  5. It’s nearly impossible for me to pick a favorite music artist.
  6. Whenever I get homesick I listen to Creedence Clearwater Revival (one of my dad’s favorite bands).
  7. I chipped my two front teeth in fourth grade. The dentist couldn’t fix my teeth for two months so I walked around with fang-shaped teeth. This unfortunate incident only added to my awkward phase.
  8. I’ve never had a nickname until college. Then I got around twenty nicknames.
  9. I could eat cereal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  10. It actually took me forever to learn how to walk in heels. During sorority recruitment I fell once walking on flat ground, and again while standing completely still.
  11. It took me over an hour to write 11 things about me!

11 Questions from Rachael to Answer!

  1. Who is your favorite band or musician? Ah! I don’t know about my favorite band or musician, but I do know that I’m currently obsessed with this 8tracks playlist. It’s based on what you might hear if you were chilling in the Slytherin Common Room! So good.
  2. If I came to visit you where would we go? Oh, this a toughie because I kinda live in the styx, but honestly I would say linedancing at The Grad in Davis. I’m obsessed with linedancing. For me, it’s such a stress reliever and is so fun! (Don’t knock it til ya try it). 😉
  3. What is your favorite book/magazine? My favorite book is any book from the Harry Potter series. (Yes, I’m still obsessed).
  4. If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be? Definitely London. Or Italy. Ah don’t make me choose! Can I just travel everywhere in the world??
  5. What is your biggest pet peeve? My biggest pet peeve is when people eat in the library. It drives me up a wall! Well, it doesn’t help that the only time I’m in the library is during finals…when I’m a tiny ball of stress.
  6. Who inspires you and why? Celebrity, political figure, blogger, friend, family member? One person that has always kind have been a business inspiration of mine is Lauren Conrad. Although that girl could have gotten herself into a lot of trouble being on Laguna Beach, she ended up using that publicity to work her way to the top. That girl seems to work hard and is so dedicated. And funny.
  7. Do you have any strange habits or quirks? One of my strange habits (I have many) is that everytime before I go workout, I HAVE to find the PERFECT workout playlist. And this may take up to an hour to find. Just so I can go workout…
  8. What is your all time favorite nail polish color? Right now its Essie’s Bikini So Teeny.
  9. Who is hotter…Ryan Gosling or Ryan Reynolds? You’re KILLING me girl!! After hours and hours of thought and an endless list of pros and cons (mostly pros) for each Ryan, I have to go with Ryan Gosling. I’ve had a crush on him since he was the dorky football player in Remember the Titans.
  10. Do you have a signature drink, if so what is it? Well, my go to drink abroad was either a mojito, a drink called the Terminator (at one of my favorite stops Metropol) or a shot of tequila!
  11. Who is your favorite blogger? Oh man, I don’t even know. Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere was one of the first reasons I first started following blogs but now I appreciate more of the Lifestyle Bloggers who aren’t quite as big!

I’m going to nominate these 11 bloggers!!

  1. Ellie @ EllaBella
  2. Lauren @ Sophisticated In Style
  3. Sarah @ Lady Go Lightly
  4. Robin @ The Sunshine Diary
  5. Kaleigh @ A Rambling Fancy
  6. Katie @ Koala Katie
  7. Kitty @ Kitty Hearts
  8. Alexandra @ Vast Aspirations
  9. Jill @ Joodles Doodles
  10. Jane @ Pursuit of Poppiness
  11. Carly @ Carly Tati

My 11 Questions:

  1. If you went to Hogwarts, what house would you be in?
  2. What is your favorite musical?
  3. Coachella or Stagecoach?
  4. Do you prefer sweet or salty?
  5. Are you a early bird or a night owl?
  6. CA or NY?
  7. What is your favorite website and why?
  8. Have you ever broken any bones?
  9. Did you prefer No Strings Attached or Friends with Benefits?
  10. Do you have a catch phrase, if so what is it?
  11. What are you most excited about for the month of June?


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Happy Memorial Day!

A big thank you to all of our troops who have served and who are serving currently.

Now here is a picture of a puppy and an American Flag.

[via Myspace, apparently]

You’re welcome.


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Hobbies. No, not hobbits, HOBBIES. One little seven letter word that people can use to describe you in a nutshell. And one word that has caused me quite some stress this past year. For fifteen years of my life I was constantly involved in a sport. Swimming was my main sport, but in 8th grade I made the switch to water polo, which I played competitively year round for six years. After my senior year I was completely burned out on water polo. I couldn’t be convinced to play a water polo game if you paid me. However, I still wanted to be involved in some sort of sport, so I decided to flip back to swim and join the team at Pepperdine University.

While I used to be a dedicated water polo player, swimming isn’t exactly the most exciting sport (no matter how thrilling Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte make it look). So, I tended to be the swimmer that’s diving down to the bottom of the pool or hiding under lane lines to avoid swim sets (exactly the type of swimmer that is my least favorite to coach, jk I love all my swim kids, obviously).

So when all of my friends went to study abroad their sophomore year, I quickly started to doubt my freshman year decision to skip the study abroad program and stay on the swim team. After a month of discussing this dilemma with my swim coach, my parents, and basically anyone who would listen, I made the decision to quit swim and study abroad in Germany for my second semester of sophomore year.

But now that I quit swim, what describes me? What is my hobby now? I mean, saying, “Hi, my name is Jordan and I like the internet,” isn’t exactly what I would call friend-winning material. So after a year of figuring out what the hell I actually like in life, I realized that I love cooking and baking. Trying out recipes is one of my favorite things to do. It’s always interesting to find out how the food I make turns out, especially because 98% of the time I make accidental substitutions.

So, when I got extremely bored on Saturday, I hit up Pinterest in hopes of finding a yummy new recipe to try. Luckily, I found TWO recipes I was willing to try.

First up were these quinoa burgers from Eating Well, Living Thin!


[These babies smelled so good cooking]


[The recipe made so many!]Image

 [The finished product topped with an avocado and served with a side salad]
Image[I made this yummy fruit pizza from Undressed Skeleton for dessert]Image
[These juicy strawberries were my favorite part of the dessert]Image[Instead of our normal Sunday morning walk and brunch, my mom and I paid a visit to our local Farmer’s Market where we picked up these sweet cherries]

Little Celebrations



That Tall Girl in Heels officially had 100 views today!

While this might be a small feat for some of you more experienced bloggers, I am stoked that I was able to get this many views when I had yet to post anything today!

So, time for a glass of celebration bubbly, right?



[Naturally I think I need this installed in my room]

Thanks to everyone who has commented or checked my blog out!









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