Behind the Name

Never let anybody tell you that you are too tall to wear heels.


Coming in hot at 20 years old and 5’11” I have always been self-conscious of my height. I was taller than all the boys in elementary school and middle school. It wasn’t until high school that boys actually started to beat me in the height competition. I always felt uncomfortable wearing heels, it emphasized my already above-average stature. However, I loved heels. To me, there was nothing more feminine than throwing on a pair of heels with your outfit. So even though I was taller than 75% of my high school class, I wore high heels to every dance I went to, even if that meant being taller than my date.

I always got the usual, “Wow, you’re so tall,” whenever I wore heels, but I never took that negatively. I received my first negative comment, however, when I wore 5 inch chunky sandals (that went perfectly with my white sundress) ranking me at a whopping 6’4″. An acquaintance of mine saw me, gave me a quick up/down, and then so politely stated, “You really shouldn’t wear heels. You’re too tall.” To which I so politely responded, “Bitch, I do what I want” (not my best moment).

From that moment on, it became my personal mission to wear heels every opportunity I could. I wanted to prove to myself and tall girls everywhere that you are never too tall to wear heels.



4 thoughts on “Behind the Name

  1. I love this! I’m 5’8 and always feel self-conscious when I wear heels when other’s aren’t. [It doesn’t help that my BFF is a tiny 5’4.] I reallyyyy love them though and rarely buy any heels under 5 inches. You’ve just inspired me to ‘sod it’ and wear them just because. So thank you, haha.

  2. As a 5’10” girl who LOVES heels too, I adore everything about this. I’ve gotten those comments too to which I usually reply “it’s not my job to make other people feel tall. My height isn’t going anywhere”\

  3. I am 6 foot 3 and I LOVE heels too! I however become even taller when I wear them. I hate when people say not to wear them. Your reaction was priceless. Not all people wear them to be taller. Being tall can make you feel less girly since you are not that tiny 5 footer boys can protect and tower over. I always feel like the heels make me feel more feminine and I like that boost of confidence I get when I walk in them like I own the place. Also…some outfits just look better with them on! Comments on me heels are not as annoying as “Do you play basketball? or Wow, youre tall!”

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