Who is that tall girl in heels?

barcelona dreamingAs a California native, I love all things California. From the redwood forests, to sandy and rocky beaches, to those golden rolling hills I call home. I stayed in this “Golden State” and  moved down to Malibu to study at Pepperdine University and pursue a career in Public Relations.

I was recently bitten by the travel bug after studying in Germany for three months. Although I won’t have the chance to go abroad for a little time, my new goal is to travel in the United States and get to know the land that makes it possible for me to call myself an American.

“Fun Facts”

  1. I’m a dog lover, but cats have really been growing on me recently. [Tell me you don’t love this little face]
  2. I’m one of those “internet kids” that’s a little too into tumblr, pinterest, twitter, and instagram.
  3. Nothing puts me in a better mood than cooking up a new recipe in the kitchen.
  4. I’m obsessed with all things J. Crew.
  5. Strawberries are my favorite food.



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