Sunday Funday

Last Sunday (Mother’s Day) sparked an idea. My mom and I set a goal for ourselves: go take a walk or hike a trail every Sunday and after our walk/hike we will go try a new breakfast place. (We both love breakfast). So, today was our first official Sunday Funday.

My mom picked Folsom Lake as our walk location and Early Toast as our breakfast location. (We noticed Early Toast on our Mother’s Day walk when it was packed with customers. Kind of an unusual thing to see in our small town.)


[It’s not hard to figure out that Folsom is a grassy area]Image

[Meet the rolling hills of Northern California]Image

[This area used to be almost completely inhabited by Mormons]Image

[This area is one of the first major gold strikes in California]Image

[Love the dark blue color of Folsom Lake]Image

[Breakfast time!]Image

[Yum! My egg skillet with ground turkey, spinach, zucchini and other veggies!]








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