It’s safe to say that after returning from my travels in Europe I was feeling a little restless in good old Northern California. Watching reruns of Friends in the middle of the day was just not cutting it for me, so when my brother, Alex, invited me to go to Santa Cruz with him to go visit our oldest brother, Greg, I jumped at the opportunity. If I couldn’t travel throughout Europe at least I could travel in California.

On Friday afternoon, we jumped in Alex’s truck and drove a couple of hours to one of the the surf capitols of the U.S. Unfortunately for both of my brothers, the surf wasn’t good this weekend, luckily there is still plenty to do in Santa Cruz (like going to see an SC Warriors game!)

This was a perfect weekend to test out my brand new Nikon D3200 that I received for my birthday! While my brothers were out working all weekend, I was out playing with my camera! Here are a just a few of my favorite pictures I was able to take!


[The California Poppies were in full bloom]


[Surfer at the Point carrying a Pearson Arrow board]


[Loved this bright yellow board I saw at the Point!]


[Although the surf conditions might not have been good, the sailing conditions were prime.]


[Tents lined up along the cliff for the Log Jam Surf Contest]

Image[These flowers were just waiting to be photographed]


[My brother was literally waiting to be photographed]


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